p1030652I didn’t post a “service” themed photo yesterday, so I wanted to make up with one today.  This post refers not to service to man, but rather to our furry friends, our companions, our pets…those four legged creatures that live and breath just as we do, offering us unconditional love and devoted companionship.  They SO deserve compassion, care, and love.

Look at this face.  Could you abandon this lovely creature?  Well, someone sure could…and did.  Kellen and I found “Lucy”, a soft, cute, lovable, mixed breed puppy tied to a tree in front of an empty lot two days before Thanksgiving.    Never having rescued a dog before, we were not sure what to do, but we knew that we couldn’t leave her there in the uncomfortable position in which we found her.  We took her to our house until we could figure out what to do.

Enter the real heros…I called Lessie, a friend that I know has a heart for “babies” and she and her roommate April came to take a look and give me some advice.  Long story short, they decided to foster her, and have since found her a permnent new home that I am sure that she will love.  We all fell for her and since none of us were in the position to take in a new family member, we’re all glad that she has a new family to love her.  My deepest respect and appreciation go out to both Lessie and April…thank you ladies, from the bottom of my heart!