I think it’s interesting how for many of us, our vehicles become an expression of our personalities, attitudes, and beliefs…they speak to others about our lives in general.  Walk through any parking lot in town and you’ll see numerous bumper stickers and decals advertising politics, sports teams and more.  You can often tell where someone works, which school or church they attend, and even which extracurricular activities their children participate in.

I guess it’s only natural for us to personalize our spaces…even our cars.  After all, we do spend lots of time on the roads these days.

This photo taken through my front windshield shows a word that’s important for us all.  We all need hope in our lives!

My rear view mirror is sort of busy, with many things hanging from it.  From the front, you can see the magnet that declares that “I’m not bossy, I just have better ideas“, several necklaces from my husbands trips to China, an old name tag from work and some beads that a co-worker brought back from a recent trip to New Orleans.

What does your car speak about you to others?